Ways to Prep Your Home for Summer

The winter is over in Lynnwood, WA but that just means there are a few things you should do around the house. Spring is a time when everything comes back to life in the area but if you took the time to prep your home for winter, then there are a few things you need to do to get ready for summer. Use these tips from Sound Choice Insurance Agency, Inc. to get your home ready for Summer.

  • Get your HVAC checked– Now is the time to make sure that it is in working condition. You do not want to find out in the heat of summer that your air conditioning unit needs to be replaced or repaired. Go ahead and have a professional look at it now. 
  • De-winterize your home– If you winterized anything before the cold weather hit, be sure to take the time to get it de-winterized so that it works properly. 
  • Plant some flowers– if you have the space to plant things, now is the time to do it. In just a few weeks, your yard will be blooming and you will be amazed.
  • Do some spring cleaning– It is popular to do this kind of thing in the spring so take full advantage of the warmer weather and clean up a little bit inside your home. Consider donating clothes or cleaning out the garage. This can make room for new goodies you find over the Summer months.

If you do not already have a great home insurance policy set up, be sure to reach out to us at Sound Choice Insurance Agency, Inc., serving Lynnwood, WA, to get a quote. We also offer an online rating tool for those looking for quotes on their home insurance policies. There are many different policies available and we can work with you to find one within your budget.

How Safe Winter Driving Reduces Cost of Auto Insurance

Snow and ice can make driving conditions difficult for Lynnwood, WA drivers. If you’re not used to driving in harsh winter weather, you face greater risks of having an accident.  

Learning how to drive safely on ice and snow will help you maintain better control over your vehicle to avoid accidents. An updated auto insurance policy from Sound Choice Insurance Agency, Inc will ensure you have the protection you need for any eventuality on the road. 

Winter Driving Safety Tips

Driving safely is imperative to preventing accidents on icy roads. During winter, it’s best to drive slower than normal, use extra caution when passing and increase distances between vehicles.   

People should avoid using cruise control during winter as it could hinder you from reacting quickly when needing to avoid an accident.  

If you’re new to winter driving, it wouldn’t hurt to practice in a safe, open area to get a feel for handling your vehicle under these conditions before taking it out on a crowded highway. When inclement weather makes driving dangerous for you or others, stay home or catch a ride with a more experienced driver.

Vehicle Prep

Safe winter driving includes preparing your vehicle in advance for winter conditions. Putting winter tires on your vehicle gives you better traction when driving on slippery roads. This makes it easier for you to stay in control of your car. Winter tires improve driving performance to reduce the risk of accidents. Using winter tires could even qualify you for a discount on your auto insurance due to increasing safety on icy roads.

Safe driving habits can lead to fewer violations and accidents, which could reduce your auto insurance prices. For more information on auto insurance coverage and costs in Lynnwood, WA, contact us at Sound Choice Insurance Agency, Inc. 

3 Reasons to Switch Your Home Insurance Company Today

Your home insurance may be mandatory, but your home insurance company certainly is not. Although you may believe you have found the perfect company to suit your home insurance needs, you may be patronizing the wrong company. That said, the following is a closer look at three reasons for residents of Lynnwood, WA to switch your home insurance policy to a company like Sound Choice Insurance Agency Inc. today. 

New on the Block

With the massive influx of new insurance agencies, it can be difficult to tell if a company is reputable or an all-out scam. By switching to a tried and tested company such as Sound Choice, you will have the peace of mind of knowing that your insurance company has been in existence since 1982. Whereas many companies have come and gone by the end of the year, Sound Choice will be here for many years to come. 

Bad Customer Service

In addition to that, customer service is also a major component of one’s insurance coverage. Although it may seem minuscule, having a collection of highly qualified professionals with outstanding customer service to depend on can mean the difference between quickly moving on after an incident or watching your life fall to pieces. By switching to a company such as Sound Choice, quality customer service is guaranteed. 

Excess of Negative Reviews 

Lastly, reviews often hold a lot of truth. If your present insurance company has an abundance of negative reviews online, it may be time to switch to a company that doesn’t. 

Overall, purchasing quality home insurance in Lynnwood, WA can be a cinch! Simply call, visit, or email Sound Choice Insurance Agency Inc. today and find out how to begin your policy and save! 

What Factors to Consider when Purchasing Home Insurance

Most people understand that they need to purchase home insurance. A home is most people’s most valuable financial possession that they will invest in over the course of their lives. Home insurance is a necessity because it will help to cover the financial damages that occur if the structure of a home is damaged. On the other hand, there are many considerations that people must take into account when purchasing home insurance. Do not neglect the following factors when investing in home insurance.

First, make sure that the home insurance policy covers personal belongings. The structure of the home is not the only valuable item that makes up a home. Most people have expensive jewelry, electronics, and clothing that are stored inside the home. If the home goes up in flames, these belongings will be lost in the ensuing damage. These are worth a substantial amount of money and people should make sure that their home insurance policy covers these items.

Next, make sure that the home insurance policy covers living expenses. If the damage to a home is so bad that the home is no longer able to be lived in, people can rack up a significant amount of expenses by eating out at restaurants and staying in hotels while looking for a more permanent place to live. These are expensive bills that can place a significant amount of financial stress on the family. Therefore, make sure that the home insurance policy covers living expenses. They should not be neglected.

Residents living in Lynnwood, WA should make sure that they have the necessary amount of coverage when it comes to home insurance. Contact an experienced insurance agent at Sound Choice Insurance Agency, Inc serving the area of Lynnwood, WA for more information on a  home insurance policy today.

Will Sea Air Damage Your Paintjob In Lynnwood WA?

Lynnwood, WA is not right on the beach, but it’s close enough that you may be wondering if the salty sea air can damage your Lynnwood, WA home. The answer is: Yes.

The most serious damage the sea can do to your home is if you’re right on the beach, getting splashed with ocean spray, getting your foundation soaked when the tide is high. However, the salty air can still do some major damage to your exterior and even your foundation up to about a hundred miles from the sea. This means that even if you live more inland, you can see your paint peeling and chipping thanks to the salt in the air.

It’s not so bad the further you get, but you will need to take some precautions. Protective finishes can help to protect the surface of your home, but nothing replaces regular cleaning. Maybe you’ve never lived somewhere where you had to scrub your exterior walls before, but if you see a fuzzy, salty buildup forming on the exterior of your home or on the foundation, you’ll want to get some soap and water and scrub it. When salt builds up that fuzzy surface, it can chew away at the wood and do some serious damage, digging itself in deeper and deeper. Salty air can also rust metal surfaces very quickly, which is why washing and waxing your car is so important in Washington.

Sound Choice Insurance Agency Inc. can help you to get some great discounts on your home, but no policy, from Sound Choice Insurance Agency Inc. or anyone else, can make up for a little tender love and care for your home.