Protecting Specific Valuables at Home

Most home insurance plans are designed for the general protection of a Lynnwood, WA home. That means the policy is primarily focused on the structure of the house. These types of policies will include terms that help provide some level of recovery and restoration of personal belongings in the home, but it tends to be limited to a set dollar amount for everything. That approach doesn’t quite work when a customer has a specific type of valuable in the home, such as artwork or a jewelry.

Instead, what a customer needs, in terms of specific protection, is known as a rider in the insurance industry. This is an added on coverage tied to the homeowners’ insurance plan that is specific to the high-value item that needs to be covered. It is based on a certified appraisal of the item and then provides specific financial coverage for the item itself versus any other belongings in the home. The rider does come with an added cost, but this is to offset the specific high-value item risk added to the general home protection. Every rider is specific and unique, the crafting of the language and policy has to usually be handled case by case.

To find out more about how a Washington home can benefit from a rider on its coverage, the folks at Sound Choice Insurance Agency, Inc in Lynnwood, WA can help with questions and provide more information. We are experts in crafting unique policy packages for customers from a variety of insurance provider sources and can match the right policy with the right need every time. Give us a call today to get the protection you need or stop by our office.