Summer Home Cleaning Tips

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Every season there are always tasks that need to get done so your home looks and feels brand new. With these quick and easy home-cleaning tips for this summer, you’ll never spend too much time scrubbing again.

Start with the Bathroom

The bathroom seems to be the most difficult and well-avoided area to clean. Remove any dust from corners or tight spaces with a vacuum, then wash the bathroom mat or rug. Depending on the type of tub you have, you may want to use a cleaning material that is safe for all types of tubs. With deep stains and a porous surface, you should use Borax and water to clean the stains. The sink and toilet can be cleaned with bleach and water, but don’t mix bleach with any other chemicals.

Mopping and Dusting the Floors

For people with hardwood flooring, it may seem easy to clean, but there is a lot to think about. You cannot just use any floor cleaning material, or you will risk stripping the wood. The first step would be to get a Swiffer dust mop to remove any dust. If you decide to vacuum, the wheels may scratch the flooring. You could do a test before going that route. Once you’ve removed all of the dust bunnies, then you can mop the floor with a cleaner specifically designed to clean wood floors. If part of your home is tile, you should get a multipurpose floor cleaner that can be used on wood and tile.

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