What is the difference between collision and comprehensive auto insurance

When you own an auto in most states you are required to carry liability insurance. This protects other motorists and their vehicles from you. It will cover medical expenses and property damage. However, it will not cover your vehicle. Other types of coverage are available including collision and comprehensive that you can opt to carry or if you have a car loan, you may be required to carry. Many people don’t understand the difference between collision and comprehensive auto insurance. Sound Choice Insurance Agency Inc in Lynnwood, WA has the information you need to understand the different coverage options. 


When your vehicle makes contact with another vehicle it can sustain a lot of damage. It may even be deemed totaled. If you want to repair or replace your damaged vehicle and you were at fault, you need to pay for it yourself.  Unless you have lots of money, this could be a hardship. Collision coverage would pay for this up to the limit of your policy.


Comprehensive coverage is sometimes referred to as non-collision insurance. It protects your vehicle for damage that results from something other than a collision with another vehicle. If your vehicle is damaged by a fire, by hail, by a tree falling onto it, by a large animal or if it is stolen, these are the kinds of things that comprehensive insurance will cover. Glass coverage is also usually included with your comprehensive policy. For most perils, there will be a deductible with glass coverage being the exception.  With a good comprehensive policy, if your vehicle is stolen, you will be able to replace it. 

As you can see, collision and comprehensive coverage are very different though both protect your vehicle. If you live near Lynnwood, WA why not call or visit Sound Choice Insurance Agency Inc. to discuss your auto insurance needs.