Who is Responsible for Damages Caused to a Fence When It’s Shared?

In Lynnwood, WA, the agents of Sound Choice Insurance Agency, Inc are well-versed in property law and how to handle disputes when it comes to fence repair between neighbors. Everyone wants privacy, but it comes at a cost when you put up a fence along a property line that divides two neighboring lots. Both sides share a portion of the responsibility. It’s important to know each party’s portion of the liability to avoid legal disputes if the fence is damaged in any way.

Putting Up the Fence

If you plan on putting up a boundary or privacy fence between you and your neighbor, you will have to ensure that it complies with any local and state fencing laws. Permits may be required in your location, while they may not be in others. In Washington, if you put up a fence that only serves your purpose and it runs along your side of the property line, you have sole responsibility for its maintenance and any repairs that may be needed.

Sharing Responsibility

If you and your neighbor both "share" the fence, it means you both benefit from its presence. In this case, any repairs and maintenance would be shared equally between the two of you. Most neighbors mutually agree that when the fence benefits both parties, each should contribute equally to its upkeep. However, if your neighbor moves and new neighbors take possession of the property, the agreement is null and void. You will have to establish a new deal with the new owners.

The agents of Sound Choice Insurance Agency, Inc can answer your questions when it comes to fencing disputes and how to resolve them effectively. If you live in the Lynnwood, WA area and need answers about your liability when it comes to a damaged fence you share with your neighbors, call an agent to discuss your options and evaluate your existing insurance policy.