Will Sea Air Damage Your Paintjob In Lynnwood WA?

Lynnwood, WA is not right on the beach, but it’s close enough that you may be wondering if the salty sea air can damage your Lynnwood, WA home. The answer is: Yes.

The most serious damage the sea can do to your home is if you’re right on the beach, getting splashed with ocean spray, getting your foundation soaked when the tide is high. However, the salty air can still do some major damage to your exterior and even your foundation up to about a hundred miles from the sea. This means that even if you live more inland, you can see your paint peeling and chipping thanks to the salt in the air.

It’s not so bad the further you get, but you will need to take some precautions. Protective finishes can help to protect the surface of your home, but nothing replaces regular cleaning. Maybe you’ve never lived somewhere where you had to scrub your exterior walls before, but if you see a fuzzy, salty buildup forming on the exterior of your home or on the foundation, you’ll want to get some soap and water and scrub it. When salt builds up that fuzzy surface, it can chew away at the wood and do some serious damage, digging itself in deeper and deeper. Salty air can also rust metal surfaces very quickly, which is why washing and waxing your car is so important in Washington.

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