Lifestyle Hacks for Car Insurance for Teens

Sound Choice Insurance Agency Inc. has helped Lynnwood, WA residents find great car insurance for years. For example, we can make it easier for parents of teens to find insurance that doesn’t break the bank. Here are a few tips and hacks that may help out here. 

Track Their Driving 

Installing a telematics car app on your teen’s car lets you track their driving and show that they’re a safe driver. Of course, this might backfire if they don’t drive safely, so ensure you instill careful and defensive driving habits in your teen to prevent this issue.

Buy a Safe Used Car 

Typically, car insurance companies provide fairer policies as a car ages. That doesn’t mean you should buy a junker—that could worsen your policy—but find one with high safety ratings and various types of anti-theft features to improve the policy. 

Bundle Your Policies 

Add your teen’s car insurance to your current policy to streamline this process and minimize unnecessary issues. Coverage teams prefer when you do this and may provide strong packages with your home, life, health insurance, and car policies.

Park in a Garage

Try to clear out room to get your teen in your garage—doing so shows that their vehicle is safer and makes your car insurance company happier. Insurance companies prefer when their customers take these protective steps and reward them with better and more effective policies.

Take Great Care of Your Teen

If you have a teen worried about their insurance, try these hacks and call Sound Choice Insurance Agency Inc. immediately to get help. We can support Lynnwood, WA residents with strong insurance and will do what we can to ensure you’re happy with your service.